Natural Perfume Body Spray (2 oz bottle)

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Our natural essential oil and sea salt body sprays made of only natural, cruelty free ingredients are an excellent option for those looking to add new (or age old favorites!) scents to personal fragrance collection while avoiding toxic chemicals.

They provide hydrating, long lasting scent on the body. Thoughtfully packaged in glass bottles (please reuse them), a little goes a long way.

Available in 3 sizes

4oz glass bottle –


Yep, only use the bare minimum of 4 natural, cruelty free ingredients needed to provide a high quality and long lasting fragrance – distilled water, pink Himalayan Sea salt, vegetable glycerin, and essential/fragrance oils.

Wait, why the sea salt? Mineral rich Himalayan sea salt (unlike regular table salt which can be very drying) actually soothe and help to restore deep hydration to the skin. It’s true! That’s why I use it in almost everything I make that goes on your skin. In addition to being moisturizing, it also helps the fragrance last longer – so it’s a win win.

This essential oil spray is not only long lasting and effective but also safe! Avoiding harsh chemicals (ahem, did you notice it’s alcohol free?) means no worries about skin irritation or breathing in toxic irritants. Yay!

Always all natural, chemical free and cruelty free ingredients 🥰 Handmade with love in California.

Recommended Usage

Let’s start with, what’s up with the bubbles? Well, remember that water and oil don’t mix. So just give it a good shake and then spray wherever you’d like a light, natural scent to linger.

Body Perfume Spray

Our natural sea salt fragrance sprays easily last 8+ hours on the skin (you can spray your clothes and hair too if you would like the scent to last even longer – but always do a spot test on fabrics first!).

Room Spray

Company coming over? Grab your bottle and spray a few mists on the couch and curtains*. Kids’ room smells like sneakers? A few sprays of your favorite scent will take care of that. Keep a bottle in your car or purse (the 10ml mini spritzer is perfect for this!).

Add a few spritzes to your bedroom or pillow at night for sweet dreams, or spray it on your clothing* for a subtle and calming fragrance throughout the day.

*always do a spot check on your fabric first!

*Please be careful with our glass bottles in the shower and bath.

Fragrance Oil Scents

If you’re new to my shop, I’d recommend trying my first and signature scent – Driftwood. This best selling scent is so irresistibly tempting that you’ll soon find yourself reaching for this mist on a regular basis.

Driftwood (our signature scent!): Incredibly comforting unisex scent, it captures a moment of unwinding in a distant place, near the beach. As you breathe in you can almost smell the salty air blended with a hint of sweet, barely there floral, as well as smokiness and warmth from the amber notes. Amazing on the body as well as in the home.

Wanderlust (best seller): Wanderlust is a delightful fragrance that will bring out the restless explorer within you. It captures an experience of exploration and adventure through its top notes of citrusy bergamot and alluring Ylang Ylang, you’ll be transported to a dreamy and exotic terrain while its mid notes of sage, rose and patchouli add an interesting herbal scent to the mix. Finish off with a bit of softness thanks to a touch of vanilla and you have the perfect combination for a lasting impression.

Flowerbomb (type): When I discovered this perfume almost 20 years ago, I was instantly addicted and it was the only one I have ever worn since. That is, until I made this dupe fragrance. And while nothing can truly replicate the original, this version is still an incredibly intoxicating merging of floral notes such as jasmine and orchid with a hint of patchouli and musk. Just like the real thing, the throw on this is subtle, yet completely luxurious. Available in all the everything that I make (candles, home scents, body fragrances, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs – ALL OF IT) because – well it’s my favorite 🙂

Pink Sugar (type): Have you encountered a fragrance that can transport your senses to the depths of an Italian summer night? With delightful top notes like cotton candy, bergamot and fig leaves wafting through lily-filled valleys over red fruits – all wrapped up in vanilla caramel and musky tones – this blend reminds me of Aquolina’s famous perfume and is sure to bring out your romantic side.

Magnolia: Get ready to experience a tantalizing journey of aromas with this customer favorite blend. Magnolia and citrus provide the perfect start before giving way to invigorating notes of mint, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood. All atop an airy musky base for the finish – delightful all around!

My products are not FDA Approved and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Intended for adult, external use only.


You may recognize some of the names and that’s because some of our top-notch fragrance body oils offer you amazing scent interpretations of your favorite perfumes and colognes. Although these are not the original fragrances, they sure do provide a reliable scent character reference for comparison purposes. We don’t want you to have any false expectations – our fragrances are interpretations and types of the originals, not exact matches. We respect trademarks and copyrights while still delivering high quality scents to our valued customers.

*Custom Orders Available*

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have specific scent or essential oil combination you’d like me to use.

♥ Thank you so much for making a purchase from my small business. Your support really means a lot to me!

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